A Wealthy Start To The Year

The way we build strong financial habits into our daily lives can have a profound effect in the long term. I wanted to share David Koch’s advice for 2013.

This calendar year has started off well when it comes to the two biggest assets of most Australians – superannuation and the house. But we still need to add some caution to that healthy dose of optimism.

Super certainly bounced back in 2012 with annual returns for balanced funds coming in at 11 per cent, Australian shares at 17.9 per cent and international shares at 13.6 per cent.

They are solid returns but are put in perspective when the five-year rolling average for balanced funds was just 0.8 per cent a year, which is way below even the inflation rate.

On the residential property front, RP Data’s daily house value index has risen 1.7 per cent in January across all capital cities to be at its highest level since 2011.

The experts say buyers are now coming back to the market.

That’s a good start but January is a very quiet property month, so we need let the market settle into the year before getting too excited.
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