Are Your Listings A Liability?

With the peak selling season on our doorstep, the pro-active agents may be questioning whether they have a filing cabinet of liabilities or saleable properties.

  • Do you have weekly conversations with all your Vendors?
  • If you have had the listing for many months now without any price adjustment, are you truly working for the Vendor’s best interest?
  • Are you keeping pace the the current market?
  • Do they need a fresh Market Appraisal or Valuation to relaunch a fresh marketing campaign ready for the selling season?

If your Vendor is truly motivated about achieving their goal (upgrading to a bigger house, being closer to the children, reducing their debt etc) and you have established a relationship of trust then they will surely listen. Therefore, that cabinet of ‘liabilities’ can be converted to a saleable listing and everybody wins.

Every home has a positive, saleable aspect but some just require a little more searching. When you ask the Vendor what they liked so much about living there, often that is your answer.

With some fresh photos ( to the highest quality, perhaps including some virtual furniture or a floor plan, renewed website marketing and window cards, price adjustment, fresh email blasts and Vendor expectations being realistic, you surely will have that SOLD sign out the front of your properties sooner. The actions you take now will reap a prosperous Christmas ahead.