Benefits or Features?

When compiling your marketing message, whether email or brochure, it is important to focus on what the reader wants to hear.

These are benefits and not features, and they’re bulleted in a way that makes them easy to read at a glance. But so what? If the goal is to impress the reader, then write what they care about. They want a product or service that will enhance their life, save time, save money, stress less, more time with family etc. So there is no need to talk about the house faces north, the large lounge off the entry hall or the car has 4 wheels. The customer expects most of that but they would like to know about your service guarantee and how this product will benefit their life.

If you turn your communication into a sales pitch, you will lose the reader faster than a flying bullet. Focus on ‘feelings’ and not ‘thinking’ about your product or service. Most businesses get this confused. Try this:

FEATURE – Self-setting clock
BENEFIT – The benefit of a self-setting clock is convenience

FEATURE – 50-number speed dial
BENEFIT – The benefit of 50-number speed dial is fewer keystrokes

FEATURE – One-click financial reports
BENEFIT –  The benefits of one-click financial reports are immediate information and prepared statements for your accountant with easy access.

So put in another way, a benefit is merely the advantages you gain from the features. So when writing your next newsletter, brochure or advertising material, put your customer’s shoes on and change the slant for more positive results.