Buried Under The Messy Desk? Problem Solved!

If you can’t find your desktop for the paperwork, lots of little stacks of ‘work in progress’ and Post-It notes everywhere, then you may benefit from this strategy to help organise you and your desktop.

You can transform your untidy desktop and surrounds into a clean, vibrant work-station. These few simple steps will see you achieve overnight success.

Purchase four coloured manila folders… one red, one blue, one green, one orange (or whatever is available).

Mark the red folder TODAY. Into it put all the paperwork on your desk which must be completed before you go home today.

Mark the blue folder folder NOW. Into it place material you will need in the future. Complete the filing today.

Mark the green folder OTHERS. In it place all material to be passed on / delegated to others. Again, delegate it, with a file note today.

Mark the orange file SEVEN DAY REVIEW. Everything you need to keep, which does not go into the today folder, file now or to others files, goes here, except the majority of the remaining clutter on your desk which goes into the rubbish bin!

Revisit the seven day review file at the same time every week e.g. 8.30am every Tuesday. Be ruthless with this file and do not leave anything in it for longer than fourteen days. It just may assist you in putting up a note on your wall to remind you what the filing system is all about and mark your diary with your 8.30am Tuesday task.

Of course, if you just don’t find the time or motivation to impliment this idea, there is always an option to outsource or find a personal assistant. That’s a problem solved!