Committed to Constant Learning

In this world of rapid development in business systems and processes, it is vital to engage in constant learning and study to keep abreast with current trends, new technology and remain efficient.

Therefore I dedicate many hours each week towards further education and learning better techniques to aid my clients. Currently studying Diploma of Management and understanding the “ins and outs of websites”. Tomorrow is another investment with training in RP Data to fully understand the real estate website and their new applications. I also like to subscribe to various newsletters, blogs and constantly reading articles relating to business. Now I’ve just booked into a seminar next month for Email Marketing – watch this space. I am a passionate believer in the power of e-marketing above and beyond any other platform.

So as they say “if nothing changes, nothing changes” but with constant learning, there is always change. Sometimes with that change there might be conflict and a feeling of being uncomfortable but that will pass. We break old habits and learn the new method, then we grow our business along the way assuming there is a supportive environment and acceptance of change.