One aspect of my business that I regard as a true honour, is the relationship I have built with various businesses over the past 18 months (since the launch of Half Day P/A) to an absolute level of ultimate trust between myself and my clients. Whilst I am always prepared to sign a Confidentiality Agreement with any client prior to commencement of work, I realise that many don’t request this. Why you may ask? Why not?

The true reason is that I conduct my business in a totally professional manner and you should expect that your work is regarded with absolute confidence and privacy. It is being your information that I am privileged to have access to for the purpose of conducting specific work or tasks on your behalf and nothing more. This is the level of service you should expect and will receive. My focus is upon building long term and lasting relationships with each and every client.

Even if it is just a new set of ears to discuss a matter, a piece of professional advice or another point of view on a business matter, you can trust your business is only your business and I will always respect that but really love to be there for my clients when or if you need some advice. So you can be assured you are always in good hands.