Direct Mail (or Snail Mail) Is Still Effective

At a recent business meeting, we were discussing the pro’s and con’s of direct mail v’s email.  Whilst I am a huge fan of emailing, mainly for it’s tracking capabilities, but there it still a viable option for going against the trend and doing something different with direct mail. Standing out from the crowd and touching base with your target market.

Sure TV or newspapers and social media have saturated the market and can sometimes chew up a lot of your budget. However, there is one old standby that keeps chugging along and delivering results. Direct mail! It never went out of fashion.

There are not many advertising mediums where your message can have some time with your potential customer. But when the homeowner gets your mail in their hands, make sure you maximise your opportunity. Here are some quick tips to help you make it a successful campaign:

  • Determine who you want to receive your mail – your target market
  • Create an envelope that is unique. Its only goal is to get opened so make sure it stands out – why not make it a coloured  envelope or patterned.
  • Come up with an offer that prospects can’t ignore and stimulates their curiosity to call.
  • Talk about your offer with the key benefits.
  • One offer (product or service) as the key focus – your other product or services can just be a little notion at the bottom of the letter
  • Set measureable goals and track your results by asking the question when they call or set aside a specific email address for contact.
  • Increase your results by increasing what’s working and modify again and again.

One of my clients converts the email campaign into a printed letter and resends it to the next database. This is known as ‘repurposing’. As a real estate agent, her email database is compiled by those people she has had contact with through Open House or enquiries, whereas those people in the target area i.e. specific suburb, may not be on that email database. Therefore, it makes sense when the message is appropriate, to send it out through the post to all the households in your area.

So direct mail still has a place in your marketing plan. If it didn’t work, then why would so many big businesses or real estate agents still use it?