Finding The Perfect Candidate

Depending on the position vacant,  screening endless resumes can be very overwhelming to a business.  Based on the role sometimes businesses suffer with being inundated with 300 plus candidates for just the one position.

The best way to screen all candidates is by following a few basic steps.perfect candidate

  • DON’T under any circumstance advertise your personal email address.  Set up an new email account just for applicants to come through.
  • Why have a separate account?  Emails can be a very big distraction in anyone’s daily routine imagine having 20 new applications every time you open your email service.  It is best that you let the applications accumulate for the day or even a few days and then set aside a few hours or a day depending on how many you receive to  go through them all.
  • Create 2 folders in your email account.  1 for successful candidates, and 1 for the unsuccessful candidates.

To start the screening process open the application and do a quick screen if at first glance this candidate seems to have relevant experience then start looking a little deeper into the resume and check for formatting, spelling, education, work history, skill set etc.  If this candidate is a stand out maybe write their name on your short list.  If at first glance the candidate is not relevant quickly send them to the unsuccessful pile.  Don’t waste your time checking out the rest of their resume in depth.

Has their cover letter addressed all the selection criteria?  Do they sound enthusiastic enough to be on your team?

Now after a few days of screening all the candidates begin your short listing process by revisit your stand outs and successful candidates.  This is when you can benchmark and compare the candidates against each other to get your top 5 to interview etc.

The next step in the process would be to conduct a phone interview on your top selected candidates. Just have a few quick questions to ask as a pre-qualifier. If that is sounding like the type of candidate you would like on your team then set up the appointment time.

Try to make sure you follow a few simple steps to get the best out of your time investment.

What the body language at the interview, have pre-set questions to ask them i.e. where do you see yourself in 3 years time? or What are you seeking in a career? Remember if the skills are a little light, but the attitude is a winner, then with a little training this may be your perfect candidate rather than one that will outgrow the position in no time.

If you would like your application to stand out from the crowd, then contact me today for a professional resume that will put you in front.