Fostering a Content Creating Culture at your Workplace

Many businesses are now realising that improving your online presence is not an option – it really is essential! Businesses everywhere are dabbling in blogging, emarketing, social media. The fact is, somebody has to either source or write the content to make it happen but why leave it as one persons responsibility.

What you need is to foster a content creating culture at your workplace by getting your whole team involved so the constant flow of creativity and relevant content has different views, drawing on the different backgrounds and knowledge bases that are bound to be already in existence within your organisation.

It’s more than likely you’re already sitting on a bunch of great content, hiding on your hard drives, marketing materials, blogs or social media. Set up a repository for all the information to be placed; either on the business server for all to access for set up a Dropbox account. Then have a brainstorming session for the team to clearly understand your vision, objectives and targets. Set up a marketing plan to cover various topics at various times of the year. Don’t forget to keep it fresh, no sales pitch and remember that call to action.

It is suggested that you adopt the following 30-30-30-10 rule:

30% of the time you need to be self-promoting – current events, new services, future plans etc.

30% is about promoting other people – those that compliment your business and who you would like to support and may support you in return. They may even offer to write an article too.

30% is your unique valuable content – show off your expertise and knowledge in your field. Become the expert.

And the final 10% is inspiration from either quotes or images.

Through consistently being committed to fostering ways of creating quality copywriting content in your workplace and being well received by your target audience.