Getting Your Business Discovered Online

As we start the New Year, it’s a great time to start thinking about how you’re going to do things differently in 2014 especially in relation to your online presence. When it comes to your Facebook Page, think about how people are finding you and what you can do to leverage that activity will help you reach new customers and do more business in the years ahead.

Start by making sure the information that’s available on your page is accurate and up to date. Then, take the time to search for your business within Facebook and on search engines like Google or Bing. This will give you a better sense of what people are seeing when they search for your business and will help you identify places where there is room for improvement.

In most cases, your business’s website will be the page that shows up as the top result. But right under your website you will also see your social media channels with Facebook showing up as one of the top results.imagesCAB71U77

By having an active Facebook Page, you’ll give your customers an incredibly valuable entry point into your business. There they’ll find up-to-date information that may not be available on your website and can also learn more about your business through the content you share and the interactions you have with other people on your page. Another good reason to be socially active online.

Then look at your LinkedIn profile also and ensure that is accurate, up to date and reflecting the business you are today.  Could you enhance it with the addition of examples of your work, maybe a video you have made or adding testimonials from clients.  Don’t under-estimate the power of a testimonial either.  Within LinkedIn, join some relevant groups and engage in discussions with other connections to broaden your online community.

All too often we tend to set and forget but with a new year now here, take a moment to review your online presence.  Is it truly reflecting your business direction? Is it giving the customer a clear indication of your products and services? Would you be enticed to contact your business with the information you found? Is it easy to make contact with you?

This doesn’t need to be a tedious task that you labour over for hours however if you make your online presence and social media activity part of your overall marketing strategy, incorporated into your weekly schedule (yes, that’s right, it needs to be at least weekly) then it just doing business 21st century style. If that all seems to daunting, then outsource the tasks and ensure it is done correctly.