How Many Hours Do You Juggle?

An inspiration to share with you on time management this week, comes from Robyn Pearce, a clinical psychologist. Just how many hours do you juggle each week as you build your real estate career? Let’s face it, there is a lot of aspects to being a successful agent from organising inspections, signage, advertising, returning all the calls, feedback to vendors, marketing, attending OFI’s and then the never ending stream of paperwork. Just how can you ever fit in time for yourself and other matters?

Write yourself a list (like my example below) and then consider what tasks could (honestly) be delegated without effecting your service level?



Attend inspections




Follow up calls


Prepare listing docs


You just may be surprised. Here’s another tip –
1. It’s OK to say NO and 2. put some clarity on the importancejuggling hats

Can you afford to continue working 80 hours per week, overloading yourself and thinking you can’t afford a P/A? Now think about how you can push your career to the next level without that support. Most successful agents employ other members to be part of their team so they can focus on the vital aspects that needs them. Administration and marketing is a perfect ‘behind the scenes’ tasks that can be delegated.

How many hats are you wearing in your business?   Are you spending too much time working on ‘stuff’ that could be delegated? Are you losing focus on your core skills? Is simply just not enough face to face time with your clients? Have you nearly reached breaking point?

When you want to leverage your time and acknowledge that to keep the engine running within your business will lead to more efficiency, then it is time to make the decision. Image the possibilities when you have more freedom to better focus on your business, more time with clients or perhaps more time with your family!

Then your P/A can be the driving wheels behind your success. So how many hours to you wish to juggle?