How To Leverage Your Message With SlideShare

Marketing your message on the internet is about having a split second to capture the attention of your targeted audience, and if you use it for marketing purposes, you not only need to capture attention and then transform that attention into revenue. One of the most innovative marketing techniques you should try right now is slideshows.

So, What’s The Value of Slideshows?

Most people are visual learners so they respond most effectively to images that quickly capture their attention and find it easier to retain that information. You’re presenting your audience with images that are going to make an impact, and keep your brand engrained in their mind  if you do it right. A blog can often become a Slideshow and therefore leveraging your efforts beyond just driving the traffic to your website.

A slideshow is a great way to increase the apparent value of your business. This means you’re able to create a quality piece of content that’s engaging, draws in attention and does so in a cost-effective manner. Slide shows have truly be easy to create, also give your business a professional, polished appearance within the realm of internet marketing, and help distinguish you from the competition.

Creating a Customized Slideshow

There are numerous programs, but my preference is PowerPoint, that allow users to create dynamic, creative and visually interesting slideshows, quickly and easily. PowerPoint has been around for quite some time, but there is also Prezi being a newer option and it offers some interesting features for online marketers to develop innovative slide shows, without any experience or training.

These programs allow you to create slideshows that are uniquely your own, from adding text and graphics, to music and transitions, you can develop a professional and attention-grabbing product with a few clicks.

Are you lost as to what you could be sharing with your slideshow? The first step is to provide information or insight that isn’t readily available from any other resource. Take the time to think what your clients are after. What do they most commonly ask you? Take your knowledge in your industry, and try to answer a burning question with your slideshow. When you do decide to create a slideshow, you should be either including content that you’re already an expert in or that you’re willing to do a great deal of research on. The creation of a slideshow could also form part of the overall marketing plan.

Now What? Where to Share Your Slides

After you take the time to create a slideshow, it’s vital to share your work to maximise your reach, and the best way to do that is often on social media sites. SlideShare is a site that allows users to upload their slideshow quickly and easily, and then have the opportunity to reach the 60 million monthly visitors that the site receives – that’s powerful. The site supports the uploading of PDFs and videos, and all the presentations on the site can be embedded.

Other sites that allow for the sharing of slideshows include FacebookTwitter and most recently LinkedIn. You can also use the embedded version provided by SlideShare to post your work on your own site, newsletter, email signature and blog.

Keeping Your Slideshow Working for You

One of the tremendous benefits of a slideshow is that after the initial work to create it, the show can be used for an indefinite period of time as a marketing tool, whereas most social media posts are time sensitive and don’t lend themselves to being reused. You can also use your slides to create videos to be shared on YouTube and other video sites. Once the slides are created it’s easy to add music or even audio to create a high-quality, professional video that can be used as a long-term marketing tool.

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