Investing In Real Estate Experience

There’s an old saying “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” but in the case of outsourcing any work, the old dog is a wise choice. Now I’m not talking about scratching around boarding kennels or flea infested beds!

The value of 15+ years of real estate experience I have gained in so many facets of the industry is a wealth of knowledge and practical strategies that my clients have gained immense benefit from. The sense of relief when they are comfortable to know I am approachable to consult about any issues they might encounter or a third party to overview a plan.

SENARIO ONE – A newly established real estate agency from a very experienced sales consultant had all his systems in place but his speciality was sales not administration. I was contracted to overview his current systems, report on what is working and identify what aspects could be improved or missed opportunities. A variety of strategies were implimented as a result including small adjustments to his staffing arrangements which has attributed to him being a real niche, boutique agency in his area with various franchises wanting to jump on board. We now do e-marketing for this agency.

SENARIO TWO – A business broker departing a very established agency to set up independently was needing Policy & Procedures Manual together with template documents to commence. With access to a vast reference library and previous experience, this was achieved within a short period that clearly tabled start to finish processes of business brokerage administration. Again, the core skills with the broker were sales not administration but with some clear guidance now, she is set to confidently proceed.

SENARIO THREE – A local builder needing a sales assistant at display home to focus on the incoming visitors and enquiries whilst he can focus on his core skills of quoting and designing client’s prospective new homes. We have also set in place an easy-to-follow filing system together with some e-marketing to enable the builder to keep on top of his business and steer the enquiries down the sales funnel.

With specialist experience over a vast range Half Day P/A has become known as the preferred virtual assistant with current real estate certificate to turn to when seeking the benefits of experience and understanding of the local industry, legislation and market. Here’s a few testimonials from some of my happy clients