Kicking Goals In Your Real Estate Business

Whatever your goals are for this year, make sure you are strategic about them, taking on what you can but delegating what you can’t.  Sometimes it’s hard for agents to see what they should delegate, but a good rule of thumb is if it’s not generating revenue for you directly, it can be delegated.

This is a great article by Josh Flagg with his 5 great steps on effectively setting goals, including:

  1. Knowing your average income per property
  2. Defining your lifestyle requirements
  3. Comparing needed sales to existing sales
  4. Conquering your weaknesses
  5. Using good measurement systems

Make sure you carve out 5 to 10 minutes to read his article; it’s short but insightful.


So let’s say your goals revolve around doubling the revenue you made last year.  This will either be by doubling the number of homes you sell, or selling homes that are twice as expensive.  If you decide to double the number of homes you sell, you’re most likely going to need to upgrade your internal systems:

  • Delegating the online marketing of your listings.  You shouldn’t have time to post them on your website, enhancing on  posting to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, etc.  Outsourcing these tasks is quick, easy, and super affordable for most agents.
  • Tracking your transactions with a smarter program.  How can you understand your progress without some sort of system to monitor and track them? Even a basic spreadsheet will be a great start or industry specific programs.

Maybe your goal is to have a stronger online presence.  You want a kick-ass website, a blog that people actually read, pages and pages of beautiful listings, and a Facebook following that rivals even the best in the business.  Here’s what you do – Get a WordPress website if you don’t already have one (not your agency’s website but your own personal website to create the profile).  If you have one, but it’s out of date, I can definitely help you spruce things up a bit.  It’s important that when someone lands on your site (like someone looking for a real estate agent) that you don’t appear tired and old.  Take pride in your online real estate and your professional profile.

  • Develop a strong social media strategy, or have us help you establish one.  Posting your listings to The Big Three (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) is NOT a strategy.  It’s the bare minimum of what you should be doing.  Plan to invest some time and money in this important part of your business and each and every marketing plan.
  • Start incorporating video more.  This isn’t something you can only do halfway, so plan on building a strategy around this as well if it’s important to you.  There are 2 big reasons you should implement this strategy: 1. Google owns YouTube 2. Great video shows off your marketing skills and makes you more client attractive to home sellers. I highly recommend the use of a professional service to ensure there is no audio interference and the property is highlighted at it’s best.

Whatever your goals are, make sure you write them down, read them daily or at least weekly, and develop a plan to start acting on them.  If you’d like to book a 30 or 60 minute meeting to discuss with me, we can put our heads together and hash out a plan to help you implement these goals.  Contact me here and let’s get those goals kicked.