Marketing by email

While Social Media gets tons of interest, email is quietly powering away as the workhorse of the connected world.

Email as a business marketing tool, even after discounting the volume that’s spam, is used far more than Facebook and Twitter combined. Daily activity for Facebook is pegged at 60 million upates. Twitter sees about 140 million tweets per day. How many emails are read each day? 188 billion messages. Quite staggering really. And email marketing, done correctly, is measurable making it the preferred source of marketing. How do you know who actually reads your mail when it’s sent via Outlook? With a web-based program, the reports are quite detailed and you can further steer your marketing only to those that opened the mail or those that didn’t. That’s clever.
So if you want cost effective marketing done for your product and/or services, staying in touch with your customers via email is undoubtably the most effecient way.

But when you do an email marketing campaign, it is pointless unless you are measuring the results and these can be utilised to follow up with further marketing. But if you are not using a website that the reader is view on their mobile device (i-phone or i-pad) then the message is lost. Did you know that over 55% over readers, now use their mobile phone to read their emails? If the reader is under 30 yrs old, then the statistics zoom up to around 85%. Surprising?