No News Is Good News – but not for PR

No news is good news but not when it comes to your PR with your customers. Many businesses don’t consider public relations as an option because they don’t consider themselver as being newsworthy enough. It’s not too difficult for any business to find the headline that lies within. All it takes is a bit of creative thinking to dig it out.

Here’s some areas of your business that could easily become the next newsletter article:

1. Human Interest Story – what is unique about you or your staff? Got an interesting story on how you have succeeded profiessionaly or overcame challenges?

2. Topical – how does your business align with seasonal trends i.e. End of Financial Year etc.

3. Achievements – everybody loves a success story so why not share yours. Perhaps you’ve had a recod month for sales, won an award or can claim a unique statistic.

4. Industry Advice – there is always sometime that can be of great interest to your customers regarding new regulations, new standards, new methods, new styles, new trends, cautionary advice or a new product/service you are offering.

You need to keep it fresh to obtain results. The true secret to success with your public relations is persistence and continually look for newsworthy angles within your business. Why not run a competition within your team to source articles? Why not outsource your newsletters?