Not Sure Why To Blog?

It’s the truth, Google really is pretty smart. Their search “spiders” crawl the internet each day in search of fresh content. The more fresh content you deliver, the better your chances of ranking well in search and creating leads through your website. Google and other search engines are increasing the value and the priority of blogs and social media assets such as Facebook and Twitter in their search results. This change to Google’s searchs alone makes blogging essential.

Search engines are now rewarding businesses who blog, most especially businesses who blog frequently. Specifically, the search engines are looking for businesses who are updating their websites on a regular basis. The more you blog, the more index-able pages you add to your site, the fresher your content – and thus the higher the possibility that you get found on the internet. Each blog is actually creating a new page on your website, therefore more content, therefore more audience reach but don’t stop your blogging and limit it to your website as there are numerous places to extend that same blog. We’ll talk about content marketing in another blog.

Plus one more really attractive tip – blogging is an extended form of customer service. Can you ever have too many avenues for your clients to get in touch? The answer is no, just so long as you’ve got the staff to monitor all the channels. Your blog is another aspect of your brand that allows clients and prospects a chance to connect, learn more about your company, ask questions or resolve questions. It gives them the impression that you are always accessible and willing to help anytime they need you especially since your blog is on your website and therefore working 24/7.

So start blogging with your business, share the responsibility within the team (one manager but mutilple contributors), do the content marketing and spread the message and if all that sounds too complicated, then outsource to a professional. What have you got to lose?