Outsourcing With A Local VA

When considering to work smarter and outsource some of the work that does not require your direct input, to enable you to regain your time/freedom and also allow you to focus on your core skills, there are many benefits in seeking a local person as your Virtual Assistant:

  • Same or similar time zone when needing contact with that VA
  • Geographical understanding
  • Cultural understanding
  • Same currency
  • Mutual understanding of how business is done in our country
  • Appreciation for our language and meanings of words and understandings
  • Less likely to have misunderstandings of what needs to be done or what is being communicated
  • Mutual understanding of ethical issues
  • Understanding of the tax system here
  • Legalities in our country may protect your IP whereas it may not be protected if sent off-shore
  • Same language
  •  Options for in-office assistance

So hopefully when you next say “I need a VA to help me” then consider the benefits of a local person that is on the same wave length as you.

While I do appreciate that some businesses outsource off-shore to particular countries because it appears to be much cheaper for them, they also need to consider if that work is being done efficiently in the manner that they want it done and to the standard. Does it meet your standards or is there additional work that needs doing to complete the process? There may be good reason to have a VA here in Australia available on call even if you do send some of your work off-shore. Keeping it local has many win/win benefits.