Promoting Your Seminar Or Event

business seminarI have a few clients that regularly hold seminars and events to attract new customers. Great idea. People love to attend a non-threatening situation to be informed, network perhaps and share a conversation with someone before they buy your product or service. Put on a free drink and you have an instant crowd source. From small scale intimate affairs in your boardroom to large scale three-day conferences with hundreds of guests coming from far and wide, there is a lot to consider in the preparation. In previous career, I was responsible for managing many conferences and weddings in corporate hotels and resorts, so I fully understand the extent of work behind the scenes to ensure a successful event.

As part of the preparation for your event, you will need to consider a few matters.

• What business objectives are you trying to fulfil?
• Your target market?
• Your resources (time, money)?
• Your skills or who else could be responsible?
• Is assistance needed?
• How will you monitor RSVPs and acceptance? Is that important (depending on the event)?
• How and who will you measure results?

You may also need to consider the timing of your event (in relation to other external local activities), time of day/week, catering, special equipment i.e. Audio Visual, venue and any specialist assistance.

Only when you have answered these key questions are you ready to progress to promoting your event. Otherwise you risk being very busy, but not achieving the desired result.


One of the best bits of technology today is the internet, and how its become a must do for your promotion of any event. First up list the event on your website. Prominently on your home page which links to a dedicated inner page with full details for the event and the ability to book and pay online. If you are running events and need an affordable way to arrange this, I suggest you use Eventbrite. Its a free website service. Another option may be to set up a ‘meet up’ group for your specific target market.


Of course, then there is a basket full of social media options that need utilising. When you put your post on social media, ensure it is linked to your website page to enable customers to book. Also with Facebook, you want your friends to share your message with their friends etc. but why not set up an event on Facebook so people can register there.


There are bound to be a range of websites that you can list your upcoming event on. Some local Sunshine Coast suggestions include:

    • Sunshine Coast Regional Council events page
    • Local directories – on the Sunshine Coast we have and among others. 
    • Business networks – Can you list your event on your local chamber of commerce’s website? What about other industry specific industry groups? 
    • Local newspaper – can you list your event on your local newspapers website? For instance the Sunshine Coast Daily provides the option to list your event.
    • Local TV/radio stations – For instance the Community Connect website allows anyone to submit their event details to be shared and promoted across Southern Cross Media’s network.
    • LinkedIn also offers a free event service. If your event is targeted at business professionals, it’s a good idea to list it here too.

Then you also need to monitor your event wherever you have placed it, whether it’s through Hootsuite (for social media multi blasts), Google Analytics, Facebook Insights or your own website statistics so you fully understand where your message is being received and what is working. Typically all involved in the event need to meet up soon after the event for a ‘debrief’ to reflect and to analyse the statistics then discuss any feedback. You can modify where required to maximise future events, improve on your mistakes and adjust any part of the marketing.

WOW, there’s a fair bit to consider but with careful and strategic planning to get your event broadcasted out there, you are bound for a successful event. And don’t forget to capture your contacts for further databases. You just may need to follow them up for feedback, give thanks, next level service or invite them to your next event.

Good luck and if it all seems daunting, then call a professional to handle your event.