Selecting the Right Virtual Assistant for your business

Let’s face it: building a business is tough, especially when you’re wearing all the hats! Sometimes, it even becomes counter-productive and you realize you need an extra hand…but where to start?juggling hats

There are many resources available that explain why hiring a virtual business assistant can boost your productivity and promote growth. However I believe it is worth considering the process a little closer.

This is definitely not a ‘hands off’ process. Running a virtual office is the same as running a physical one, minus the overheads of office space, full time employees and all that comes with that. A good place to start is with a budget and a list of tasks you need assistance with. This gives you the best look at what you need and what you can afford to get done.  Consider a couple of issues:

                1. How many people will it take to finish these tasks on schedule?

                2. Do you need someone just to do a specific project or for ongoing help? This isn’t just to determine timing, it also gives perspective on who you hire. The longer they’ll be working with you, the more important it is that you ‘click’ in addition to the skills they bring.

                3. Which tasks are you willing to delegate? If you aren’t comfortable providing sensitive company or client information, consider handing off less sensitive but important tasks, such as putting together reports or marketing collateral instead.

Put together a few questions for your Virtual Assistant, check out their website, read their testimonials and ensure they offer the skills you require.

Once you have made a decision, protect the investment by engaging with a contract and a confidentiality agreement if necessary. Naturally there will be a warming up period in the work relationship, as you get used to working together or further training is applied. Clear communication is the tool to avoiding any misunderstanding that may result. Why not jump on my website and request a quote for your specific needs.