Setting Up QR Codes

A smart bit of technology in today’s ever changing world is the introduction of QR Codes. Those quirky little black and white squares now being placed on marketing opportunities in the most surprising ways. Originally, they were just directing you to a website but they have progressed even further now and call include a video, a direct email link or a specific web page. How do you do all of this?

Pick a code generator website. Most QR Code generators are free to use and fast to set up.

Here are three popular free sites:

Decide what type of content you want to share.

You can set the code generator to show text, place a phone call, send a text message, or send your customers to a specific URL.

Don’t forget: If you’re sending people to a website or video, make sure it is viewable on mobile devices! Preview your QR code on a mobile device. You’ll want to check and make sure that your QR code works correctly.
Download your code. To download the file, Click On the Download button at the bottom of the screen and then save the image file on your computer for future use.

Use your QR code anywhere. Now that you have your code saved, you can put it anywhere you think your audience will see it by inserting the QR code as an image into your flyers, signage, and more!

One of my clients love having QR codes on his signboards, newspaper adverts and office front window so that his marketing is working 24/7 and to its best capacity. Where do you use your QR code?