Simple Protection – beware of the tigers

Once you’ve got an established presence online and even listings in business publications, you often start getting phone calls asking you to participate in this directory, or sign up for this program or something else.  I need to see it in writing but if someone wants me to commit to something, which invariably may require a payment, then I won’t commit to it over the phone and will always ask to see it in writing first.  If they decline then I just say, thanks anyway and goodbye. If the offer is truly fantastic, then of course they would want to sent it to you.   It’s amazing how many don’t actually follow through.BeautifulTiger

So why do this? A number of reasons:

  1. It’s easy for anyone to tell you you committed to something over the phone and you have no proof that you didn’t, especially if you have no memory of it. So I say ‘no’ to everything over the phone and ask for it in writing.
  2. Seeing it in writing gives me a chance to read, re-read and research whatever that thing is and get the real facts.
  3. I get to make a decision in my own timing and not because of a sudden blood rush to the head. 

Because I’ve made this a policy of my own for my business, it means I can be adamant and positive that I didn’t commit to anything over the phone whenever someone tries to tell me that I have. Protect yourself and your business by working out simple procedures and guidelines that will work for you and don’t fall a victim of scammers.