Stand Out Of The Crowd and Get In Front Of Your Clients

How do you stand out and get your business in front of them? The answer is cold calling.

You have probably had this drummed into you at sales meetings but there is a lot of merit in some old fashioned tatics that actually work.

Cold calling allows you the opportunity to put back that human touch over and above high-tech contact. An advertisement can be ignored, an email can be deleted and that brochure thrown out but there is no substitute for a connection with another person. Speaking on the phone has the potential to make a real connection which can lead to a face to face meeting.

People buy you, not your product or service. It’s harder to buy you from an advertisement or email.

Cold calling provides immediacy. Why do you think advertisers ask you to Call Now or tell you that the Sale Ends Tomorrow? Immediacy.

Why do presenters who sell from the stage offer such huge discounts if you pay or join on the day? Immediacy. Advertisers and presenters all know that if you don’t commit immediately, then they’ve lost the sale and the urge to buy.

That’s why cold calling is important. That’s why it gives you the competitive edge.

A 2007 survey by MarketingSherpa, a research firm that tracks what works in the marketing profession, found that only 11 to 17 percent of business prospects were annoyed by getting an unsolicited cold call. In most successful sales organizations statistics show us that between 20% and 30% of all new sales are generated by cold calling. That’s why cold calling is still an important business tool.

So if you aren’t picking up that phone to make the calls, why not? Need a helping hand to help you?