Taking The First Step With a Personal Assistant

When you really want to drive your business, there is a limit to the amount you alone can do. That is when you should consider taking the next step and consider a Personal Assistant.

The first step I would encouirage is to write down a list of every activity that you do – database management, prospecting, account management, sales process etc. Now put a dollar productive price on achieving all these tasks – does each of these tasks lead to an end goal/sale? Naturally the higher the cost to achieving them, the higher the priority. The PA will eed to be capable of completing tasks where the salesperson is not strong, as they both should compliment each other.

Then you will certainly need written procedure manuals (or the like) detailing step by step how to carry out each of these activities in line with company policy. The more time and effort put into this stage, the easier the transition into having a PA will be. Will your PA need to attend any industry training courses or seminars? Ensure that you do not rush this stage as your PA is representing you and your business.

You will also need to make a game plan.  How often do you need your PA? Daily or just a few hours per week? What KPI’s are set for the PA and how will they be measured? How will you communicate?

And well all this is taken care of, business is now showing the benefits of delegating tasks to your PA and the impact is positive, then reward your PA with an incentive scheme. Set a challenge as a reward – whether it’s a meal voucher, movie tickets, weekend away or money. Most often people just want appreciation and recognition.

Putting on a PA isn’t so scary, it can be exciting and your business will reap the benefits.