The Cost of Those Distractions

Distractions in the workplace can consume up to 30% of your time. With common distractions like:
– checking emails
– text messages
– idle chatter
– social media (Facebook and tweets)
– extended coffee breaks

I know of a local call centre that will actually penalise their team members with financial deductions in the pay packet for leaving their desk for extended time and therefore missing the next allocated call. Talk about driving productivity!

A simple 30 second distraction can cost you up to 5 mins to retain the focus and thoughts from the previous task. For better time management we need to manage the distractions. This may be a hard ask if you are in an open office environment or working from home with small children. Try requesting some ‘quiet time’ for your work place, not the kindergarten style ‘quiet time’ in the corner but an allocated hour or several hours when no phone calls are taken or other distractions. It is amazing how productive that time can be. But our most productive time of the day is early in the morning, so there is an option to shift your working hours to capsulate those early hours.

Distractions can cost productivity, relationships and opportunities.  Constantly ask yourself “is what I am doing now, leading me towards my goal?”. If no, regain the focus.

A smart solution is to delgate someone to handle the distractions that take away your attention so you can focus on the really important or core tasks. Outsourcing your administration is a truly smart solution for any tasks that do not require your direct input and create the distraction in your working day.  If you can master that, you’ll gain a competitive advantage and reap personal and professional rewards.