The Need for Policies and Procedures in your workplace

As you business develops and grows, or to enable your business to extend itself to the next level, it is the optimum time to address your Policies and Procedures within the workplace. It is not really going to work to have the information scattered around the workplace or worst still, in your head. To make the business more transparent so your team understand their role, to avoid any conflict, team members have accountability and you gain quality management.  The Procedure Manual tells the users how to and who will, implement the Policy. The two documents have to be succinct and very specific, factual and compliant with relevant laws.  Having your Policies and Procedures in place will also address risk management or service issues.

If you feel you are constantly cleaning up after somebody within your workplace, not just in the lunch room; maybe the spring clean you need to address is at the core of the business to avoid repeat issues. They can be complex documents and often require a professional to assist but when you engage your team to write some of their Procedures, they have a sense of ownership and more often adhere to the Policy. Then your business will truly sparkle.
Half Day PA can assist you to fully impliment these documents within your business.