To Facebook or Not to Facebook – the may be the question for some

The rules of social media have just changed. Recent rulings by the Advertising Standards Board mean companies will have to take greater care monitoring comments on their social media sites.
“This is a significant decision that will change the way brands use social media,” says social media consultant, Catriona Pollard, director of CP Communications. “Some companies will now be questioning whether the outlay on their social media sites is worth it.”

The rulings effectively mean that leading companies must manage comments as they would manage advertisements, complying with industry codes and community protection laws, specifically around racial slurs, discrimination, obscene language and misleading advertising. The ASB found that Carlton & United Breweries’ VB Facebook page breached standards, and last month found comments by fans on Smirnoff’s Facebook page were ‘advertisements’ and should’ve been censored by the company.

Would make one a little more hesitant to sprout all over Facebook and perhaps a subject to be raised at your next team meeting.