Up In The Clouds Is Great

Where would you be if your computer totally crashed? What is someone stole your laptop? Or you drove over your i-phone? No doubt by now you would have heard of ‘cloud computing’ and also the importance of backing up all your data. I use DropBox for my backups and also as a powerful tool to share folders with selected clients when they are too big to email them or I may need to work on a file in numerous locations. What a wonderful concept this is! Instead of using more space on your server or having numerous external hard drives that may be lost or worst, destroyed in a fire; DropBox is the perfect solution. Store your data up in the clouds. Starting with 2GB of free space and increasing with incentives through inviting your friends to join, this is a totally safe and economical tool for your business.

If you click on this link http://db.tt/7R8lDAs as your personal invite to join DropBox and start saving your documents in the clouds too.