Want Your Message To Be Heard?

When you send out newsletters, press releases, brochures, e-blast or social media messages, ensure your message is being heard and reaching your target market.

How? Talk about the BENEFITS not about yourself or the features. So don’t become the salesperson but create the need and desire.

As consumers, we are sometimes selfish in that we don’t really want to know about you but we can be excited about saving money, saving time, working more efficiently, being compliant, looking better, winning our game, making more profit etc.

As with a car, I know it will have four wheels (feature) but I didn’t know that I can save money due to it’s great fuel economy (benefit) – now I’m interested. That house for sale – I expect that it will have a nice front door and large garage (features) but I’m keen to experience the back deck with the rainforest backdrop where you can hear the birds singing after a hard day’s work (benefit).

So steer your marketing message to your customers and gain their interest and attention through smarter copy that takes the focus off you.

Who is your  target audience? Who is most likely to buy from you?  You want your message to be heard, don’t you? Then you need to create a clear core marketing message that speaks to your target market and tells customers why they should buy from you – its about the BENEFITS for the customer.

Determine the position that your brand can hold with your ideal customer

Look at new and interesting marketing methods to add to your marketing mix.

Depending on the goal you wish to achieve, then you will need to consider segmentation of your database. Not all products/services suit all your customers. Grouping your customers into appropriate lists:

  •  Customers of Product “A”
  • Customers of Product “B”
  • Wholesale customers
  • Affiliated partners
  • Commercial customers
  • Domestic customers
  • Male or female etc.