Whats Your Sales Style?

Different sales people have different selling styles. Certain styles and approaches succeed in various environments. Assessing your teams personal sales style can help you maximise company performance.

FINDER – they live for the thrill of the hunt. They’re aggressive, competitive and impatient with paperwork. As soon as a sale is clinched, they’re looking for the next conquest.

MINDER – they’re a people-person and a relationship builder. For them, the sale begins at the time of the close. They take pride in providing strong customer service.

GRINDER – they relentless and get the job done through sheer perseverance. Rejection doesn’t wear them down. Repetition doesn’t bore them.

Which sales type are your customer service staff?

Knowing your sales style lets you find your strengths.

A GRINDER excels in environments organised around high-volume sales calls. Does their job description comnpliment this? You may need to revisit this or renegotiate your staff’s job description.

A FINDER can acknowledge that service is not their strength. Their gift is acquiring new customers, not maintaining current ones, so make sure someone else has that responsibility.

A MINDER will guard against spending too much time on service. Analyse their time and see how they’re spending it. Do they need to get out of the office and sell more actively? Make sure they’re leveraging customer relationships into cross selling opportunities. Let all those satisfied customers know what else you have to offer.

Most teams function best when its members’ strengths compliment each other. If you only hire people that are cast in your own image, your workflow may be getting short shifted. Maximise your sales today and every day by hiring a combination of all three sales styles and revisit their job descriptions in line with their strengths.

If they are lacking in some areas, consider hiring a P/A or other support staff to enable those sales opportunities to never be missed.