When Do You Get a Personal Assistant?

Great question with some thought provoking answers. To keep doing what you have always done is to keep achieving the same result however, if there was someone behind you driving the results, imagine the possibilities.

Don’t wait till your at breaking point to recognise the need for a personal assistant to leverage your time. Are you spending too much time working on ‘stuff’ that could be delegated?  Are you losing focus on your core skills?  Finding there is simply just not enough face to face time with your clients? How do you work on your business when you are working in your business all day?

There is a common myth that nobody can do the job as good as you. Sure. Or maybe. Think about how you started in your business, being the jack of all trades, the master of some, and gradually building that business to the level you have achieved today. Now consider the tasks that no longer really need your personal input. Be honest with yourself! Write down a list with two columns – the tasks that you must do yourself, and the tasks you really could delegate.

When you recognise that there is a number of tasks you are doing that really could be delegated, then you are close to acknowledging that a personal assistant is possibly the answer.

Formulate a procedure manual of ‘how to’ tasks for that personal assistant, a list of ‘must have’ skills, experience and knowledge. Consider also, that with a bit of training, that perfect person should be able to handle those tasks. Having a healthy attitude and understanding your goals would rate higher than the right skills for your personal assistant, as skills can be taught however attitude cannot.

When you engage with a personal assistant, let them work and you can either relax or utilise your time more effectively but be aware, you should lead by example. When you manage your time efficiently, as the leader of the team, then so does your team.

Your personal assistant needs to fully understand your goals (and perhaps the dreams that come with them) and know your vision for your business. Without this understanding, how can your assistant truly assist you?

Delegation is vitally important so ensure you maximise the benefits. It doesn’t mean you need to prepare more, delegate the tasks that don’t require your input, set up your diary so you both know and understand each other’s schedule and communicate regularly via a CRM program. Sure, your P/A may make mistakes and decisions that may not always be your choice, but if it is made with the best intention, then through communication, you can always amend, rectify or accept.

Why would you invest in a personal assistant then? When you want to leverage your time and acknowledge that to have a personal assistant keeping the fires burning or the engine running within your business will lead to more efficiency, then it is time to make the decision. Generally, the diary management, the administration, the accounts and marketing don’t usually require the business owner to be chained to the office. Imagine the possibilities if you had more freedom to have better clarity and focus on your business, more face to face time with clients or perhaps the option to spend more time with your family! That is the benefit of a personal assistant.