Why Should They List With You?

“Vendors call for a market appraisal but are really asking for a great human being to show up.” Tom Panos

What a powerful statement and a lot of merit in that. Tom always inspires me with his logical statements.  Basically, what’s your point of difference from the other agent they have spoken to? How do you present yourself, your brand and your listing material? What’s your unique difference?

Having a professional presentation with a profile, testimonials, introducing your other team members and the marketing campaign put the vendor in a position of comfort and trust. But there can be more than that. A lot more listening and a bit less talking. And we know when someone trusts and likes you, they are more likely to do business with you.
I am astounded at times when I ask people why they chose their agent. Quiet often it wasn’t anything fancy but rather that they just liked them or they often receive emails and market updates from them. Fairly simple really.
Do you need a helping hand to get that regular communication out there to your next vendor?