Winning Cover Letter to gain the interview

Writing a cover letter is nearly more important than the resume itself. Afterall, it is the ‘cover’ for your resume so it becomes the attention grabber for your application.  Why would you write a letter that nobody notices?  I’m not suggesting your go outrageous with almost shouting to the recipient. No way! But to create a standout cover letter, or application letter is essential to be put on the YES pile for interviews. So how do you manage that?

A cover letter should demonstrate to the reader that you have read the job ad carefully and that you are truly interested in that particular job. You will not even get a look at if you send a resume that does not come with a cover letter.

The cover letter should:

  • Be to the point. Should clearly link your experience to the role being advertised.
  • Be no more than three to four paragraphs long.
  • Be positive and upbeat. Make the hiring manager interested in reading your resume.

The cover letter should NOT:

  • Be a summary or repeat of your resume.
  • Be a uniform letter you send with all job applications

A Resume Scanner is developed software that is programed to search for key words and phrases within your Resume. The scanner enables your Resume to qualify for the position, enabling it to get to the HR Managers desk.

It helps to have matching key words and phrases, which mirror the advertisements criteria within you Resume. This will guarantee you to withstand the Resume scanning process, and the software’s expectations and demands. This will mean that you will have to edit your resume to suit the position description and criteria with key words.

It is essential to research your position thoroughly, and familiarise yourself with all possible phrases and key words.

For an example:


Position Criteria states: Must have OH & S knowledge
Your Resume key matching phrase: Strong knowledge and practice of OH & S
Position Criteria states: Good Communication and interpersonal skills
Your Resume key matching phrase: Highly developed communication and interpersonal skills, providing advice to staff and management

Large organisations no longer look at the individual (You) walking through the reception doors to an awaiting job position. You won’t even know what the décor is like, or if reception has a water fountain, unless you first pass through their Resume scanning software.

Yes, you’re the best in your field! Yes, you’re the absolute finest in your field! This is not detected in the scanning process, as the software that reads your Resume/CV starts before you even hit first base in your application process.

By getting this right, it will enable you to pass through the initial scanning process, and it will get you through to the final selection stage.

It is advisable to also check the companies website (if known) prior to writing the letter so you can reveal some enthusiasm and knowledge about the company.  It’s all about making you the BEST candidate for the position.