You Can Control Your Day – Use It Wisely

Are you constantly getting interrupted and that ‘to do’ list just gets harder to complete? Are you really that busy or just simply no time management boundaries in your daily routine? Is everybody else pulling your strings? Sound too familiar? Well you can control your day and use your time wisely.

It is your choice as to how you utilize your time but you need to be the captain of your ship.

I know it sounds simple, but really think about it. You can choose to use your time networking, getting the next lead, working with clients, and earning good money, or you can choose to use your time dealing with so-called emergencies, managing distractions, and being panicked. You might tell yourself that you’re great at multitasking and you get a lot done jumping from task to task, but don’t fool yourself, you’re just being distracted from what really needs to get done. And there’s often a little bit of that in all of us unless we put up some boundaries and guidelines for our day.

If you don’t use your discipline to manage your time, you aren’t being as productive as you should be. Think about what you need to get done, and think about how you actually spend your time during a typical day. Every time you get distracted for 2 minutes, it can take another 5 minutes to sort out where you are up to again and the problem just grows.

Do people interrupt you frequently? Do you drop what you’re doing to answer emails, phone calls, and texts? Do you feel like you can’t concentrate on projects that must be finished immediately? All of this is happening because you let it. If you want to calm down and be more productive, you can.

Take charge of your time and steer that ship your way.

Take control of your ship

Take control of your ship

Structure your days so that you have times mapped out for the different tasks you need to work on. If you’re researching leads, make sure you don’t inadvertently spend that time dealing with people who dropped into your office for a “quick question.” Spend that time researching leads and remain focused. Turn off your phone, turn off your notifications, and get the job done.

If you’re dealing with real-world interruptions, spread the word about what times you’re available for drop-ins and what times you’re not. Go ahead and block out unavailable times on your calendar. It will help remind you what you’re supposed to be doing, and it will inform anyone you share your calendar with when they can come and see you. This is putting you squarely back in the control room.

Make distractions part of your schedule but not your day.

Plan times to deal with email, and return phone calls. All of the distractions that you can’t cut out of your daily life need to be dealt with, so build them into your schedule. Once you start to get a picture of what you need to deal with, you can assess how to arrange your business more efficiently.

Once you start limiting those frustrating distractions to certain times, you’ll find that you’re protecting the time you need to work on bigger projects, whether that’s prospecting for new leads, working on your marketing, or taking care of your existing clients. It’s part of the bigger picture of conquering your ‘to do’ list in the most efficient way and ensuring you can achieve your daily goals.

If you use your time to deal with whatever comes up that needs your attention, then you’re choosing to use your time unwisely at everybody else’s beck and call. If you make a plan and use your time for the important things instead of the “urgent things,” then you’re choosing to use your time successfully.