15 Proven Ways To Improve Your Facebook

Maximising your Facebook posts doesn’t have to drain your bank or time, with these easy to follow tips, you can get a better ROI and more engagement with Facebook.

1.Add your page to every print media – from Business cards, letterhead, brochures, vehicle, signage, products and more

2.Hyperlink your page with every image you share. When it’s then shared by a fan, so is your page.

3.Add “like us on Facebook” links and rewards within your email marketing campaigns and email signature.

4.Use Facebook ads to increase likes on your fan pageincrease Facebook likes

5.Hyperlink your business page names when mentioning it on any Facebook page –  @HalfDayPA.

6.Post advice and tips such as ‘top 10 ways to X” or “how to X” as a problem solver

7.Post engaging and relevant content that provides education, inspiration, motivation and true value using the 30/30/30/10 rule of content (ask me about it)

8.Make sure your “About” section is filled out. It works the same as Google SEO for websites

9.Support other complimentary businesses and react to their posts and comment

10.You may have invited your friends to like your page but what about your email list? Is there a button on your Facebook page for that too?

11.Run a competition on your page. Make it an entry requirement to “like” or share your page in order to enter

12.Use only high quality professional images that are formatted to 800×600 pixels as optimum size for Facebook

13.Use your Facebook insights to review what your fans like and post more of that type of content

14.Include a “like us on Facebook” button on your website and blogs

15.Remember that social media is about being social, not a sales platform

It may not deliver you an instant result, but marketing requires time and measurement combined with commitment. Stick with it and it will deliver the results.