Are You Suffering From Blogging Wash Out?

blogging successAre you struggling for inspiration to keep on blogging?  Feel like it is all hard work and nobody is listening?  You may be suffering from blogging wash out.

Often our best laid plans can fall apart and the wheels of momentum fall off. I have found that without a content marketing plan for my blogs, I am just all over the place.  With a little structure into your marketing plan, the path is clearer. I plan to cover one category each month. These categories are based on my website categories for blogging. And why categorise them? Grouping your blog’s contents makes it easier for people who have reached your blog via Search to find other posts that they may be interested in – provided you add tools to your blog that let them navigate using labels (which is another name for category).

So my first step in getting back into blogging, is to design a content marketing plan as your guideline and schedule for blogging.  Most importantly, you need to follow the plan.  In a very simplistic form, this is what it may look like:


This is merely a guide based on the categories within my own website.  You will notice I have put a ‘due date’ with only 3 weeks of the month covered? In my business, my marketing strategy is 3-4 blogs per month with a newsletter once a month to wrap up all the blogs.

Know Your Goals when writing the blog. Are you there to simply educate someone or would you rather be steering them closer to a sale? Understanding who the target market or the clients that are going to be reading your blog will get you a whole lot closer to understanding the goal of your blog.

It is also important to consider local events or holidays.  Don’t just blast out blogs without considering local events or holidays that affect your business and certainly your customer’s habits. Maybe over the Christmas period you could back off from the serious side of business and think about time to rejuvenate your mind and body. It is also a good time for business owner’s to plan for the year ahead.

Finding Appropriate Content is often a battle but if you are constantly on the look out, it is amazing where the inspiration may come from. I am not for one minute suggesting that you ‘copy and paste’ somebody else’s blog (and in fact you will be caught) but rather use that blog as your inspiration and then write your own version. I have often suggested to others that the starting point could be sitting in their FAQ page of their website (or at least think about the questions your customers often ask). Think about being a problem solver with ‘How to………’ usually works well.  I will sometimes set up Google Alerts on specific subjects to source content from reliable sources. Take some of your keywords, and write a blog post about each of them. Blogging is a great tool for driving search engine. Make the most of it and take advantage of it!

Keeping it original and  let your own personality shine through. Ensure that you keep a human side to your blogs as a means of connecting with your customers and building the relationship.

Making the commitment which may be scary for some of you but that is what marketing is all about. Success won’t happen overnight but you need to persist and commit to frequently blogging. For some businesses, it may be several times per week, or others maybe once a month is adequate. Although I would suggest that more is better. The more blogs your website has, the more Google will be able to find you making it excellent form of SEO (search engine optimisation). Just ensure that you make the content high quality and original.

Don’t be selfish and share – that’s what we were all told as youngsters and the same goes with your blogs. After you have written, checked, tested your blog and posted it on your website, then share it on your social media pages and I like to also use it on my email signature and again in my newsletter. That is content marketing. There are also parts thereof that are worthy on their own to be included as a Facebook post (rather than the entire blog). So when you share, you are reaching greater numbers and increasing your following which should ultimately result in further enquiries and sales.

Still suffering from blogging wash out? Maybe blogging is not for you and there is a great opportunity to discuss this with a contractor that specialises in writing blogs so you can focus on what you do best.