Better ROI For Your Blogs

Writing a killer blog has no value unless you optimise it and there are many theories out there as to what works and what doesn’t but the conclusion is clear – your blog is some of your most important property you own.Headlines-blogs

Start with your headline as the ‘tell me more’ capture. The headline of the blog is the single most important part of any blog, making it 50 characters or less to gain best SEO benefits. Blog posts vary in length from a few short paragraphs to 40,000 words. If your goal is search engine traffic, longer is better.

There is also a lot of data out there in order to make an informed decision for maximising ROI and gaining audience participation.  Of instance, changing a single word from “Get YOUR free 30 day trial” to “Get MY free 30 day trial” delivered a 90% increase on the ‘click through’ rate for one customer of mine.  Sometimes, it is the simplest changes that can make all the difference for distributing your content.

The jury is also still out on the best times to publish a post, I believe that depends totally on your business model and your target audience. If you are wedding celebrant, then publishing on the weekends would seem appropriate whereas an accountant should be considering more business hours.  Some people prefer week days around 9.30am for social media – when people are usually checking everything prior to actually getting on with their business. Blogs seem to perform better in the late morning.  But one thing is clear, articles with images get twice as much engagement as those without and blogs with social share buttons generate a massive 7 times more mentions than those without social buttons.

The picture sure can tell a thousand stories and including a beautiful visual content not only increases the share ability and engagement but can improve your SEO (search engine optimisation). The aim is to include key words in the image labels.

There is no such thing as an old blog since all blogs can be refreshed, updated if necessary and recycled. This is often referred to as ‘content marketing’.

Within your blog, try to link words to other parts of your website, maybe other blogs that are relevant and definitely include a ‘call to action’ or an invitation to respond. Try asking a question to wrap up your blog.

It is not so daunting if you just get a few of the fundamental rules in place or alternatively, outsource the work.  What’s your success formula to ensure a better ROI for your blogs?