Challenges of Outsourcing Your Calls

Whilst outsourcing has becoming increasingly popular for managing many aspects of business in the modern world, it does come with some misunderstanding at times. It is often related to a gap in the communication or instructions but is it wise to outsource your customer calls?

Whilst freeing up some valuable time to spend on the dollar producing activities, which is vitally important, it appears that there might be some misunderstanding as to what constitutes value for money and what is a very valuable aspect of your business – your database.cold-calling

There has been an avalanche of telemarketers who can’t even pronounce the suburbs in the given area, despite being called “Barry” or “Susan” or the like. Or those who geographically speaking, don’t know any of the basic information regarding the area. It’s not really their fault, they are just doing their job and probably not given the tools to know the specific territory they are in command of. Again, a training issue but the accent is a selection issue. If you outsource to overseas, that is what you are going to get. You have to question if that is the right image your business wants to portray? Not to mention the relationship that you have built over the years that is washed down the drain in a moment when the person at the other end has an inability to answer basic questions.

How much potential does this interaction have to help you obtain a listing or sale not to mention building further trust?

It is really your relationship with the potential or existing client that you are handing over to someone else to manage. Whilst I am an advocate for outsourcing (or I’d be long gone), there is one aspect that really should be handled by you or guarded with care when handing over the responsibility to another. Here’s my guide to customer call success:

  • Don’t let it be disrespected and a mere list to tick off the names.
  • Ensure the person in charge of your customer calls loves, lives and knows your business almost as much as you do.
  • Listen more than you speak
  • Speak with enthusiasm and care
  • Ask for the order or permission to call again

Calling your database can be one of the hardest and often delayed tasks in a business but if handled with these guidelines in mind, you will be closer to a warm response.

And remember, people don’t care about you but what you can do for them.