Content Marketing – the where, why and who

Outsourcing Your Marketing To A Professional Can Have Positive Results

How and When to Outsource Your Content Marketing

A good content marketing strategy consumes a great deal of resources which involves a specialised set of skills to complete it correctly. From the writing original copy to editing and publishing your content, your strategy will only be as strong as your weakest link.

You may have all of these skills available within your organisation or you may consider outsourcing it as the task can become quiet time consuming. Just one blog can take hours from concept to completion. Then is you need to add some audio or video to your content, the workload is magnified by many fold.  Have you got the time and dedication to ensure your best return on investment?

Therefore, the prospect of outsourcing a specialist to create and implement your content marketing can be appealing. Outsourcing your content frees up resources and gives you access to the expertise and networks of a specialist.

The person responsible needs to understand your goals, your focus and your business. Bad content can damage your credibility, your customer loyalty, and ultimately eat into your market share. 

Making Outsourcing Your Marketing A Positive Experience

Your brand is usually your baby that you have nurtured to come what it is today. As a parent of that baby, it’s hard for you to be unbiased. That’s why so many companies approach the content marketing arena with an advertiser’s mindset and often derails their impartiality.

To attract an audience of real people that want to engage in your writing, your content needs to be meaningful, engaging, and without the sales pitch. If you have no emotional distance from your brand, your content may veer into self-promotion which in large doses, it not want the reader wants.

Someone outside your company, on the other hand, brings a different perspective to the table. It’s easier for an outsider to be objective when talking about your brand. And in the eyes of an audience, an objective voice is a credible one.

When your content is relevant to what the reader wants, then you gain credibility and respect which in turn makes you an expert in your field which is exactly what you should be aiming for.

Some aspects of outsourcing your marketing

  • Does the person promise immediate gains?

Content marketing is an ongoing investment, not a campaign add-on. A solid content strategy is oriented toward the future; it aims to build a brand, increase loyalty, re-engage customers, and educate. This requires quality, consistency, and time. If you are promised miracle results overnight, then start running! It just doesn’t happen but it will eventually reap the results.

  • Will they write fluent English?

One of the benefits of outsourcing is that it creates employment opportunities throughout the world. But responsible outsourcing doesn’t mean entrusting your content to writers who speak English as their second language. When you cost cut to off-shoring marketers, you are short sighted to the real cost of a virtual assistant.

An ideal partner’s content creators understand the tone, voice, and language not only of your business but also of the audience. A professional virtual assistant also won’t tolerate plagiarism.

  • Check the examples of their work before you hire

If a content strategy firm doesn’t market itself through high-quality content, it doesn’t invest in marketing, then how can they be worthy of investing your business? Do they walk the talk?

  • How much do your goals matter?

A firm that’s willing to sell you four blog posts a month on any random topic whatsoever doesn’t understand the value of content or your goals.

Everything your brand publishes must align with an overarching strategy and set of goals. As a virtual assistant, they need to work for you in creating intentional, purpose-driven content. Publishing for the sake of publishing is a waste of time, money, and credibility.

It’s Really About Finding the Right Balance

If the prospect of letting your content marketing be in the control of someone else and seems too daunting, you might be tempted to keep your content strategy in-house. While this will give you more control over the process, it also means placing a heavy load on your team’s shoulders. If they don’t have the capacity, this may be a counter productive decision.

Fortunately, the choice between an in-house or outsourced strategy isn’t binary. You could easily hire an outsourced professional, collaborate for a set period of time, and then implement what you learned internally.

Results are what matter, so be creative, picky, and flexible. Whether you achieve your goals on your own or with help is entirely up to you.  If you want to consider outsourcing your marketing, then check out my packages crafted to suit most budgets.