Finding Content for blogging

In a recent conversation with a new client, they were struggling to think of content that would be blog-worthy and where they would turn to in search of relevant content. So let me assist you if you are just as puzzled.  

Writing content for blogs demands a lot of attention – known as content marketing. You need to pay attention to the latest popular trends, check your competitors, and then come up with new, original ideas on a constant basis so you can post regularly and build an audience that expects and deserves your consistent material. Here’s a couple ideas:

  1.  Why not break up your blogs?  If you are a maniac on the keyboard and write excessively long blogs, why not create a series. Most readers are time poor and are more likely to read a short blog.
  2. Outsource or delegate.  If you are a large company, look at your existing staff for specialist information i.e. new equipment just installed can be explained by the product engineer or a sales manager writes about your new sales strategy that customers are loving. If you are a small or micro business, your best bet is probably to outsource to a company like Half Day PA.
  3. Ask your customers for ideas. Initiate a competition or simply ask your readers to action by asking them to submit topics they would like to know more about. Be the solution to their problem.
  4. Try interviewing. Ask an industry leader to participate with a short interview to give an insight into industry specific questions. You might like to give them the heads up with some suggestions.
  5. Recycle old posts. Be careful you don’t just bang on and on about something that is past but look at older posts (I suggest more than a year or two ago) and rewrite/refresh them to make them current. Change the image and repost it.
  6. Get a little personal. If you are a small business, write a story (because everyone loves a good story) and give an insight as to what motivated you to start the business.
  7. Follow a few industry heroes for ideas.

If that hasn’t got you thinking yet, them maybe these prompts may help you:

  • The steps I took to achieve ……
  • How I start a  …… project
  • A reality check for …..
  • The way we think about ……. is broken
  • The story behind …..
  • How to get more from …..

I regular suggest to my clients that wish to write their own blogs to consider the end user (your client) and be the problem solver. If that doesn’t inspire you to start writing blogs, then maybe we should chat.