Give Them Want They Really Want

You often hear that you need to ‘work your database’ but what does that really mean? Are you guilty of forgetting them?Sample - Howcroft Real Estate July2014

When you increase the number of contact points with your potential customer, you dramatically increase the chances of a customer wanting to do business with you. Understandably it is easy to become overwhelmed with the workload in front of you but this is an easy task to delegate. Such is the case with one local agent, Bill Howcroft of Howcroft Real Estate whom has seen great benefits in his “Property Matters” market research magazine that is emailed out to the buyers and sellers each month for the past three years. This is additional to other points of contact with his database.

Whilst it is definitely not a new concept and not a selling tool, rather a building of relationships and informing customers, and it is an important contact point with the database. This is also utilised on website and social media to expand the reach. The high local content that is relevant to his customers is the absolute winning formula. They could not achieve this through a larger organisation that may source a ‘one for all’ generic magazine produced from another city.

The research is always relevant with positive information that encourages the customer to invest in the local property market. With some much development happening on the Sunshine Coast, you only need to look around the next corner to see news worthy items.

A bonus benefit of sending out the localised market research magazine is having an indirect opportunity to place the website in front of the customer instead of the customer having to search for it. The magazine has links to website, social media and contact but it is the website link to their properties for sale that is creating the most amount of traffic. Who doesn’t want more of that?

Bill Howcroft says “it’s about giving not taking from the clients. We are providing information for them through our Property Matters magazine which broadens their knowledge and gives them confidence in the market.  We like to consider we are adding great value to their experience with us and our feedback indicates this”

According to the statistics, Howcroft experiences have been an outstanding success:

–  the industry average for opening such emails is around 16% whereas with the high local content that the customers want to read, Howcroft has increased that to around 28% of the database

–  The click through rate (the number of customers clicking on links) is around 15% which is slightly higher than industry average of 9.8%.

–  The most clicked on link is actually going to the company website “Property Listings”

Howcroft Real Estate has used Half Day P/A as their local preferred contractor to do their market research and send out their Property Matters magazine each month over the past three years and pleased with the feedback from their customers.

Half Day P/A has been assisting Howcroft Real Estate grow from a small boutique agency to a highly successful and preferred agent whom has now relocated into larger offices, employed further staff and increased their database by 30% over the past two years. Outsourcing some of their marketing has been a great success story for both of us but the true winner is the customer whom receives very relevant, local information. And that is what it is all about………..delivering what they want!