Improving Your Facebook Marketing

Due to its popularity being Australia’s number 1 social media website, many people are presently benefiting from Facebook for being website that they are usually employ to market their business.


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Generally if you wish to affix one of the best sites for marketing your products or services or really generate targeted traffic specifically for your website, then Facebook is your absolute proven best choice in the majority of circumstances.  Here is the latest (May 2015) social media statistics for Australia:

  1. Facebook – 14,000,000 users (steady)
    2. YouTube – 13,750,000 UAVs
    3. – 5,800,000
    4. Instagram – 5,000,000
    5. Tumblr – 4,500,000
    6. LinkedIn – 3,550,000
    7. Blogspot – 2,800,000
    8. Twitter – 2,791,300 Active Australian Users
    9. WhatsApp – 2,400,000 Active Australian Users
    10. TripAdvisor – 2,100,000

With over 62 million active subscribers on Facebook and growing daily, it definitely has an impact and able to reach not just your targeted audience but also to their connections. So imagine, you are friends with a large organisation, send out a message with a boost to ‘friends of friends’ then all that large organisation’s contacts will see your post as well. That’s clever marketing.

Here’s are a few ideas that will help you use Facebook to market your products or service and services without any expense at all:

The best tip is that you have to create a great profile. With a great profile, you have the ability to allure many people to view it. Put as much information on your profile page as possible so more people can learn about you and your business – make it easy for people to understand your business, to contact you and buy from you. Employ Facebook to be a part of your branding and try to include an image of you; as part of their guidelines you must have a picture in the smaller LHS position. Then add your contact information, your web site address, professional experience, your education or even some testimonials. Look at some of the apps available to also join your mail list or book an appointment etc. Treat it like another website for your business.

When you’re really involved with Facebook make sure you include your friends. The more consistently relationships you build in Facebook, the more effective your marketing efforts will be. The good news about Facebook is you will be able to view friends of your respective friends. When you build a substantial network of friends, you will be able to raise your marketing efforts fairly rapidly.

The use of video and skilfully named images can not be under-estimated. Humans are very visual by nature and one image can say 1,000 words. Have a look at a Facebook page and see what posts grab your interest. If you use video, try to keep them no longer than around 2-3 minutes. You may be surprised how much you can say in that time.

You may also join groups or create your own group. In Facebook, you will find several types of groups that you can join – some business and some are personal interest.  I always like to keep these two areas of life very separate.  Don’t bore your clients with photos of your grandchildren or happy snaps at the weekend BBQ with your drunken mates. You can try joining groups which may have like-minded interest which can include yours. Or  try joining groups for coaches, wealth building and marketing experts as a learning forum. By joining or developing your own group in Facebook, it is possible for you to help make numerous contacts that will assist you in letting your business grow since these friends in the selected group then become your covert sales managers.

When you write a blog on your website, then don’t forget to add this to your Facebook page or include RSS syndication to automatically have it added. Remember, that not all your mail list are friends with you on Facebook but you should encourage them to join you over there too.

Utilise some tools to assist you in your Facebook marketing so it doesn’t become a burden. Try things like Buffer App, Hootsuite or Post Planner so that you can have your posts scheduled for Facebook (and other social media sites) well in advance for the days that you are too busy to post.  This doesn’t mean you can do the ad-hoc, spur of the moment post to communicate to your friends but it definitely means that your friends are not forgotten.  I manage Facebook on behalf of several clients which means they can then focus on their business but rest assured that their friends on Facebook are not being forgotten – that’s smart solution by outsourcing the work.

Hopefully, this will assist you in getting more ROI for your time and efforts in Facebook and get your marketing message to a wider audience.  The main thing to remember, is that with Facebook now the No.1 social media site of choice in Australia, you need to embrace it to keep up with the digital world.