Is a Newsletter really effective marketing?

A Newsletter for any business is one of the most effective ways for your business to be kept top of mind by your clients and referrers. An E-newsletter should be one of the central elements of your business’s marketing strategy, second only to your website and social media (that’s another long story). It is a simple and cost effective means of marketing to the people most likely to consider your business – the people who already know and trust you. Past and future clients that are being reminded that you have a solution for them.

Many of my clients tell me that their business has grown since starting a regular E-newsletter. I believe you should also share in that success.

Targeted marketing

You want to spend your marketing budget and efforts where you can enjoy the most success. E-newsletters help you do just that. By developing a database of contacts to send your newsletter to, you are investing in an audience already interested in hearing about your business. Communicating regularly with people who know and trust you is an effective way of securing repeat clients and referrals. It can also protect your business from client leakage by maintaining contact with and providing valuable information to past and current clients, making them less likely to turn to your competitors. Don’t groom then for your competitors!

E-newsletters can also be used effectively in targeting segments of your contact database and allows you to easily track the responsiveness of readers, demonstrating your marketing at work.

Save time and money

E-newsletters for any business are a simple and cost effective marketing solution. No more stamps, envelopes or even the PDF newsletter sent to your entire Outlook contact list (that is so yesterday). An E-newsletter is a professional alternative that delivers a personalised copy of your newsletter to the desired recipients. This saves you time and money in administrative and stationery costs, not to mention the price of stamps. And instead of getting lost in your would-be reader’s in-tray, your newsletter arrives with a friendly, personalised greeting in their inbox. Even if they only read the subject line, they’ve read your name and know you’re still there.

Marketing to your existing clients is 6 to 10 times cheaper than advertising to total strangers. And it produces measurable results. Unlike the ‘How did you hear about us?’ survey when someone rings your business, E-newsletter delivery technology can help you see what is working and what isn’t. You can see who has opened your newsletter and the articles they clicked to read. This valuable insight lets you see your success and find opportunities to follow up with contacts and leads.

Getting the most out of your E-newsletter

There are a few simple steps you can take to ensure that your E-newsletter is as effective as possible.

Make sure that your contact database is always up to date. You should update contact details as you receive them so that your database is always current. Check your delivery service for any undelivered or unopened newsletters. Manage the ‘bounces’ on your database, check them and correct them if possible.

You can also explore the effectiveness of sending a reminder to people who haven’t opened your newsletter yet – this is super effective. It is worth reviewing this regularly to optimize the impact your newsletter is having.

Write content that your readers find valuable and helpful. If your newsletter addresses topics that matter to your audience in a useful and accessible way, people will want to keep reading. Generally, people don’t want to read a detailed analysis of something. It’s much better to show them and demonstrate your expertise using plain English.

With the value of an effective E-newsletter just waiting to be tapped, we hope you will soon be enjoying the benefits. If you have any questions or want to know more about other marketing services for any business, I’d love to hear from you.