It Is Possible To Love Your VA

Here are a few tips to help you love your Half Day PAVA :

With a few simple tips like this, why wouldn’t you love your Virtual Assistant?  Problems usually only arise when one party doesn’t convey the instructions or the outcomes expected.

  1. Communication – Poor communication never helped any relationship, and it works the same way with your outsourcing relationship. Make sure you are communicating with your Virtual Assistant in a clear and concise manner and don’t spend a lot of time on useless things that need not be discussed. Remember time is money.
  1. If you are using email as your main form of communication then don’t send 10 emails a day to your VA. Get everything clear in your mind and send just one email that has all the information laid out. The whole idea of outsourcing is not to add to your workload but offset it; if you micromanage your VA you won’t get the best return.
  1. If you use the phone as your main communication think about the time you are spending on a call and decide if it’s really needed. Would it be better to clarify things over email, or follow up with a quick call?
  1. Pay on time – This one is obvious. If your Virtual Assistant has to wait for her money they won’t like it as much as if you pay on time, every time just like every other business.
  1. Clear directions – There’s nothing worse than having an assistant spend 5 hours on something that you meant as a short 15 minute project. When you give your assistant new tasks and projects make sure the information is clear and the expectations are stated.
  1. Reward a job well done – If your VA has done an awesome job, don’t be afraid to tell them. Send them a testimonial or give them a review on Google.  She/he will certainly appreciate it.
  1. Referrals – If you’re happy with your Virtual Assistant, then send referrals in their direction. They will love you for sending them the business and surely get to your tasks quickly as they come up. And you may even receive a referral in return.
  1. Make a call – It’s a good idea to get on the phone with your Virtual Assistant at least once a month or agreed time. This will again help with the communication and will make sure you don’t encounter any misunderstandings later.
  1. Say Thank-you – These three little words go a long way. If a Virtual Assistant knows that you appreciate her she will go out of her way to make sure you continue to do so.
  1. Respect their time – Everyone is short on time so make sure you put your time and the time you spend with your VA to the best of use.
  1. Share your concerns or problems – If you have a problem come up with the results of the work you’ve been given or something your VA has done, then call them on it. Even though it’s not always easy to hear a VA should appreciate your honesty and ability to share something that could help their business and the quality of work they do for you. After all, if she doesn’t know it wasn’t great work, she will never get the chance to change it. Most problems are possible to resolve – you just have to talk.

Whether you are engaging Half Day P/A for your work or another VA, these tips will ensure you both can have a long-standing relationship and a win/win for both.