It’s True – you get what you pay for

You know the story about peanuts and monkeys, eh? Well it’s the same with a Virtual Assistant. Not all Virtual Assistants are the same.

Life is like that. Much like clothing brands – there are the bargain basement Op-Shop end of the spectrum right up to the luxury designer labels.  So it is with Virtual Assistants.

I often get asked if I worry about losing my clients to a cheaper outsourced version of me in India or Philippines – not really because I don’t pitch myself to that level of client. If you are wanting the monkey then pay the peanuts! Simple. My clients are usually professionals that want to be able to access a professional service in “now” time by someone that is fluent in English as their first language.  

I have heard so many people sharing their outsourcing stories with me and over and over again, I hear them talking about the lack of quality in the workmanship (I’ve experienced that myself when testing out an overseas option) and the need to double check everything before it is publicly available. What part of that is easing your burden? Isn’t that just increasing your workload?

Many of my clients are high net worth people and some more high profile than others.  The one thing they have in common is they are not looking for a bargain priced assistant but rather a high calibre assistant that compliments them and their business. Pretty much like a silent partner in their business than can be held accountable and responsible for undertaking specific tasks.

They want a VA that can handle independent decision making, who can act, respond and represent them in their absence.  A VA who has the nous to tackle any situation, acts with integrity and professionalism  and who’s all encompassing brief is to “add value” and make their client’s day easier.  Most, don’t care what the service costs they just want things done and done right and within the set budget. When you are forced to micro-manage a VA, you have lost the benefits.

I make it  very clear to my clients what they can expect from me, we liaise regularly to stay focused and understand the client’s goal and they can relax to know the task will be done – done correctly. I don’t pretend to know everything and don’t accept all clients that are not within the scope of works I can offer. It is a balancing act from pricing too high or being a busy fool. It took me some time to truly understand my value in the market. In a competitive market this is probably one of the biggest challenges.

There will always be a place in the market for bargain basement VA’s and there will always be clients who hire their VA’s based purely on price.  My clients get a business person and a very competent extra person they can depend on. My rates are very competitive and affordable.

Where do you place value on outsourcing? Do you want a VA based on performance or price? If you would like a local Virtual Assistant (that you can actually meet), why not contact me for a complimentary coffee and chat?