Outsourcing for Real Estate

Ever wondered why the other agents have more listings? How do they handle all the inquiries? Why do they make more sales (and money)?

Their secret is a VIRTUAL ASSISTANT with local knowledge. I understand real estate! With over 15 yrs experience based locally and QLD real estate sales certificate (No. 3248930) ensuring industry knowledge and best practice. My experience covers business brokerage, holiday property management, residential sales support and property management support.

The concept of outsourcing has crossed the borders of the real estate industry. No longer is outsourcing confined to IT, back-end office management or customer services. An increasing number of Real Estate Sales Consultants are seeing the advantage of outsourcing daily tasks allowing them more time to pursue their leads successfully. By outsourcing, a Real Estate Sales Consultant is able to focus on activities that are geared towards generating revenue instead of using valuable time on non-income earning tasks that can be done by an outsourcing company. Real Estate Sales Consultants can expect the following benefits from outsourcing:

More Value for Your Time

Time is one of the most valued assets in a Real Estate business. Income is earned by selling as many properties as possible. Easier said than done. An endless amount of time is spent every day doing back-end tasks that must be done but do not directly contribute to the end goal. Outsourcing this means your time can be better spent on selling more houses and in turn, earning more commission.

Saving Resources and Money

Outsourcing is definitely a cost-effective solution for Real Estate Agents. Tasks such as preparing brochures, advertisements, updating the client database and website and posting on blogs, are usually done by either the Agent or an office staff member who needs to be paid wages, sick leave, holiday pay plus have access to computer resources and office equipment. Outsourcing requires none of this and is therefore much more cost-effective.


Outsourcing can free up valuable time for Real Estate Agents, allowing them to focus on their core functions which really grow the business. Day to day activities of a Sales consultant consists of distributing letters and emails and researching the market to know of sales in their area. These tasks can be very time-consuming leaving little time left to actually sell! However, as any successful Sales consultant will know, these tasks are vital in generating leads. Outsourcing these activities means leads are being generated for the Agent on a daily basis while they only have to worry about following them up. The Agent’s time can now be focused on speaking to reactive clients who have responded to the communication and being out in the community making vital connections with prospective clients.

Task Delegation

With outsourcing, specific tasks in a Real Estate business don’t necessarily need to be done by the Sales Consultant. It is easy to assign completion dates around your working schedule. Communication is key to understanding your expectations and time restraints.

Possible tasks to outsource but not limited to:

·        Market research

·        Contract preparation

·        Email marketing campaigns

·        Direct mail marketing

·        Mail merge

·        Flyer/brochure preparation

·        Sales copywriting

·        PowerPoint Presentations

·        Website updating for listings

·        Social media campaigns

·        Blog writing

·        Database management

·        Newsletter

With these benefits, a Real Estate Agency can only become more productive.

As with any new arrangement, there will be a ‘settling in’ period where two parties need some patience whilst they settle in. Successful agents understand the benefits of outsourcing without micro-managing as this defeats the whole exercise.