Remember …. Free, free then fee

There is no such thing as a free ride in this journey of life and in business is no different. There are three types of people in this world:

  1. The Givers
  2. The Matchers that keep everything in balance – tit for tat
  3. The Takers

These interchangeable styles have a direct impact on why and how they succeed or fail. Have you noticed that takers are only interested in WIIFM where they will benefit and always assessing what others can offer them for their gain. Whereas the Givers always happy to lend a hand without expecting a return or without focusing on the return and putting more focus on the other person’s needs. The Matchers are stuck in the middle and often operate on the policy of fairness; when they provide assistance and help to others, they are covered by the principle of reciprocity.

Where do you stand in the picture?

The Takers can sometimes suck the energy from you and often too self-centred to realise what they are doing. They often want to take all the credit for the team’s efforts.

The Givers are often the first ones to raise their helping hand and compassionate about other people’s needs. Often have a bright and positive attitude in business and life. Givers focus on what others need from them and endeavour to be generous with their time, knowledge, energy, skills, ideas and interactions with others. One such famous Giver was Abraham Lincoln. Givers have the ability to create a psychologically safe climate where everyone feels they can contribute which aids in innovation and motivation especially within the workplace.  True team work requires more Givers than Takers. But some Givers are too generous and may run the risk of depleting themselves and thus failing unless they set boundaries.

So when we interact with others are we looking to give value or trying to claim as much value as we can?

I have found that there are far more benefits in being a Giver and find that having that attribute have set myself up for a successful career and an authority. It also builds a lot of respect.
But those boundaries are important because you can’t be a constant draining Giver and never a Taker. At some point, you must stop be too generous and be happy to put your hand out and receive a return.
So by offering to mentor others and share knowledge or give guidance will bring it’s rewards to you …….. one day. Not only that, it just feels good to be able to assist others. Whether it’s in business or in your personal life, and I’m a strong believer in being a Giver in your personal life too thus incorporating some charity work, this only enriches one’s life.