Respect in our daily lives

Upon my recent departure from our holiday in Thailand, it dawned on me that there was a defining difference between our cultures. I believe that was ‘respect’ of each other and property. Sadly, I find this at times lacking in some Australians, albeit not all. Not so much in a business perspective but in our personal lives from the way we address others to media to the vandalism in our communities and beyond.

Thai wai

In Thailand, I feel like I am the only person that matters in that moment when I am greeted with a “Thai wai” as I enter a building or as a thank-you on my departure. It may be only the local 7-11 store or it may be the cinema or the hotel. This constant stopping for a moment to bow their head, put their hands up to their chest in a prayer forming position is just so beautiful to share.

How do you feel when you meet someone who is rude to you? Makes you annoyed and cheesed off doesn’t it. When you respect yourself, chances are you would want others to treat you with the same respect. If we just practiced a little more respect towards others, image what a beautiful world it would be.

So, here’s a few ways on how you can be a well respected person in your daily habits:

  1. Be good at what you do
    Everyone loves competent people, especially those who present their best work all the time. If you’re just starting out in your profession, that doesn’t mean you’re not deserving of respect, just start small and building from there. Through gaining experience and proving yourself as the best that you can earn the respect from others. It’s not an overnight process, but the respect people have of you after that will be steadfast.
  2. Be Respectful to others
    Respect is 2-way. If you want others to respect you, you’ve to respect others first. If you’ve ever come across someone who isn’t being respectful to you, Rather than harp on how people are not respectful to you, try and turn things around and be the first to start showing respect. It’ll help you reach new heights in your relationship with others.
  3. Honour what you say
    No one likes a dishonest or unreliable person. A well respected individual is one who is honest in his/her communications and can be trusted to do what he/she promised. Integrity is the first step to being respected.
  4. Listen to critics
    Contrary to popular belief, being respected doesn’t mean you won’t receive criticism. It’s quite the opposite. It’s not about rejecting criticisms but about being able to handle criticisms gracefully. People respect someone who is able to handle negative feedback and turn it into something positive.
  5. Treat yourself with respect
    It’s funny that many of us seek respect from others, yet we don’t even respect ourselves. When you respect yourself, you will ensure you get enough sleep, eat well and exercise etc. The love from others will follow.
  6. Take yourself professionally
    By dressing well in a professionally accepted way, being well-mannered, using appropriate language and having social etiquette you will be regarded as a respectful professional.
  7. Don’t bad mouth others
    Whether you’re in a professional environment or social setting, it’s not appropriate to bad mouth people. You certainly don’t earn respect this way. Be honest and transparent in your communications. There is a common phrase that “when you criticise others, you criticise yourself” always rings true to me.
  8. Stand up for what you believe in
     I have a lot of respect for someone who disagrees with one’s point of view and stands up for himself/herself than someone who parrots others. It’s how you disagree that changes things.
  9. Be a role model to others
    Actions speak louder than words. You gain respect by walking the talk. The most respected person is the one who inspires others to achieve their best and enables them to unlock their highest potential thus being respected.

“A respectful life is earn’t not granted”