Social Media Marketing Strategy

Facebook continues to grow amongst most businesses,  and can’t be ignored. It’s widely used by many target audiences and can be a useful tool to build your audience, and ultimately converting into your sales. Here is a checklist to assist you to plan and implement your Facebook Marketing Strategy.

  1. Have you chosen a Facebook name that is consistent with my business? Customers will be able to quickly identify your business Facebook page and profile. If it doesn’t match your business name, you can ask to change the name (subject to Facebook approval). This is often relevant if you change franchises etc.
  2. Have you created a URL that you can use to promote your Facebook page. My vanity URL is, keeping it professional, consistent, and apparent to my customers. (Go to Admin Panel >> Edit Page >> Update Info to set your URL).
  3. Then design and brand your Facebook page with current photos, logo, and other images that represent your business. Create a cover photo and header image that are professional and relevant to your business. Must be at least 399 pixels wide and 150 pixels tall – I recommend you use a graphic design program like Canva to design your header correctly.
  4. Complete your “About” page that embraces the company brand, voice, and communicates current and relevant information about the business.
  5. Create a goal for your Facebook page and social media marketing activities. Generally, I use Facebook to:
  • Drive traffic to my website
  • Provide valuable content and become the authority in my industry
  • Promote products and/or services
  • Build my opt-in list for my newsletter

6. Then establish a message for your Facebook page that supports your goals for Facebook marketing. Ask yourself:

  • Does this message support my brand and is authentic?
  • Is this message engaging and providing a value to my friends and followers?

Now create a content schedule for the next month (or six months although goals can change in that time) and ensure all your marketing is aligned with the goals.  Try to integrated Facebook with your other marketing including:

  • blog
  • email signature
  • newsletter and other email marketing
  • any other social media pages
  1. Minimise your time by leveraging technology and automated as much of the process as possible. For example, have your newsletter automatically posted on Facebook or your blog automatically posted (although I prefer to manually do this process so I can get a larger image on the post – personal choice).

Read your “insights” on Facebook to monitor your ROI and the page’s performance.  Here’s a few tips to check for:

  • Content
  • Delivery & posting time
  • Clicks or Subscribers
  • And measuring results as they relate to a specific Facebook goal.

Once you have a strategy in place, it is a useful tool to connect with your prospects and begin to build a community around your business. Create your message, follow through, and track your results.

New changes to Facebook in 2018

Facebook is going to return back to being ‘social’ and a friend-to-friend platform rather than B2C platform. Businesses will have to spend more money to get their content seen.  They wish to encourage more interaction and will highly favour Facebook Live videos.  If you are doing a video, do not load to YouTube first and then Facebook – they want to keep the traffic within, therefore Facebook Live. Just be your authentic self, it doesn’t have to be perfect but a brief personal contact with your friends.

How things currently stand:free social media management
• A “like” is at the bottom of the engagement chart
• A “comment” is in the middle somewhere
• A “share” is considered really high engagement (that tells Facebook that you really are friends and the content is engaging)

Moving forward to the new Facebook: a lengthy comment will be given more weight than a quick comment, like or share. Be careful how you ask people to share your content, don’t get too spam like and don’t directly ask them to “please share” as it is baiting. Try asking “feel free to pass this on” etc.