The 3 C’s of Potential Clients

Someone who is not yet a customer, but who has the potential of becoming one probably fits into one of these three categories:different

  1.  COMPLACENT CLIENT – that’s the one is so easy to get along with and just agrees with everything.  They will wait patiently because they just want you. There may be long delays getting work or papers back from them, but they are fine with that. Has a little bit of “she’ll be alright, mate” in them.
  2. CONCERNED CLIENT – this is the one you may need to be cautious around.  They probably have fears built up from a previous bad experience or from hearsay of others and therefore will question every micro moment with you.  They will ask you a hundred and one questions.  They will need lots of nurturing to alleviate the fears. They come across as stand off-ish.
  3. CONVINCED CLIENT – this client could be the ideal prospective client as they are hot prospects that probably came from a referral.  They may be a ‘know it all’ and will let you know that too. Caution is needed when talking to them so you don’t offend them.  They could be hard to educate but not impossible, it just may take time.  Will need strong follow-ups.

What is your preferred prospective client? Is it possible to have a combination of two?

With most prospective clients, the more you ask the questions to source the problem they are wanting to resolve and be transparent about your process to resolve that for them, the easier they will become to work with. Ask them “what is your goal”. Then if you lock in the next communication point at every conversation then they won’t have room to wander to the next business.